SmartCan in action

Built Strong & Smart

SmartCan eliminates the need to take a homeowner's garbage can to the curb by providing a plug-and-play motorized trashcan attachment and mobile application.

SmartCan render SmartCan app


A user can pair to his or her trashcan with a smartphone, set a date and take-out location, and the trashcan will take itself out on a regular specified interval. Smartcan is compatible with any municipal-issued trashcan.

Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray - Founder

Andrew Murray is the founder and CEO of Rezzi. Rezzi’s first product is SmartCan, a smart home device that delivers your trash to the curb on trash day. He has focused on entrepenuership in engineering since starting college at Tufts University in 2013 and graduating with an B.S. in mechanical engineering.

Since then, Andrew has worked across multiple engineering disciplines, but has most recently been involved in a startup robotics company developing and testing a self balancing cargo carrying consumer product that follows users to and from their destination. This experience has given Andrew insight on developing consumer goods and bringing them to market. Andrew developed SmartCan with the intention of providing a smart home device similar to the Roomba that automates a users chore that everyone hates, while also improving waste management, and reducing the pollution that is caused by forgetting trash day.